Selected poems online:

“Millions,” Poetry Daily, November 2016
“Millions” was adapted into a stop-motion animation created by Lindsay D’Andrea and Geetha Iyer.

“Abandoned Places (IV),” Verse Daily, December 2016

“Interview Practice,” “Little Grand Canyon in Yellow,” diode 8.2, Summer 2015

“Elevator,” Blackbird 13:2, November 2014

“Convergent Boundaries,” Passages North 35Spring 2014

My Dad’s Brother Called Every Five Years Then Disappeared,” Drunken Boat 18, December 2013.

Michigan Central Station Has Been Closed Since 1988,” Indiana Review 35.1, June 2013, Winner of the 2012 1/2 K Prize, judged by Michael Martone, available to read online reprinted in Flagpole Magazine, September 2015

Linear Foreign Bodies,” Barnstorm, August 2012

Other poems:

“Busy & Schedule & Feed” and “Sendings,” Oxidant/Engine, January 2017

“Other People’s Wedding Guests,” cream city review 40.2, Fall/Winter 2016

“Foretold,” Raleigh Review 6:2, Fall 2016.

“We are a System of Ghosts I,” Poet Lore 111:1/2,  Spring 2016

“Drop,” Hayden’s Ferry Review 57, Fall/Winter 2015

“Strange Ducks,” “Frontier Airlines,” “Canopic Jars,” The Literary Review, Winter 2015

“Directions,” Hollins Critic, December 2015

“Abandoned Places (II),” The Pinch 35.2, Fall 2015

“Solitary, Imaginary,” “For the Ghost You Might Become,” burntdistrict 4.1, Summer 2015

“Needs Assessment,” “Stories the Earth Tells Before it Moves,” Iron Horse Literary Review 17.2, Spring 2015 (NaPoMo issue)
Nominated by Iron Horse Literary Review for a Pushcart Prize

“At Joe and Lonna’s Farm,” “The Center of the Earth is a Little Off Kilter,” “Huron,” “How to Disappear in Michigan,” Prairie Gold: An Anthology of the American Heartland, Ice Cube Press, June 2014

“Bliss,” Prairie Schooner 87:3, September 2013

“We Are a System of Ghosts II,” “We Are a System of Ghosts III,” “We Are a System of Ghosts IV,” CutBank 78, March 2013


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