Accepted into Rensing Center Residency Program


Excited to find out that I was accepted for an artist residency at the Rensing Center in Pickens, SC. I will spend three weeks at the Center this coming May.

The Rensing Center is an artist’s residency with a specific focus on community and the environment. Residents help out in the garden and partake in other chores and activities for part of the stay.

From the Rensing Center website:

“On twenty-six acres in the beautiful southern Appalachian foothills near Pickens, SC, the Rensing Center is more than just the land, the people, the gardens and the buildings. Our 501c3 non-profit organization models a way of life less addicted to cheap energy, and more blessed by what actually fulfills us.

We are a residency program, providing living and work space to self-motivated applicants looking for an isolated rural, creative landscape, for periods ranging from three weeks to three months. Focus may be creative, professional, environmental, or all of these.”

I am really looking forward to this residency and having some dedicated time to work on some of my writing projects!