AWP Panel – Links for Award/Submissions Info

Hello, this post is a resource for those who attended (or anyone really!) my AWP panel on book awards. Some links and resources that I hope will be of help to you.

First Book Interview Series by Keith Montesano, and before him, Kate Greenstreet – this interview series ended in 2014, but these archives include  A LOT of helpful information about how long and how debut books made it into the world. I found it very comforting.

“Thinking Like an Editor: How to Order Your Poetry Manuscript” by April Ossman

Are Literary Contests Worth It? The Blunt Instrument on When and How to Publish Your First Book in Electric Literature

Poets & Writers is an excellent resource for contests, awards, fellowships, residencies, and regular submissions. A link to the contest award/database. Search by genre, fee or no fee, deadline.

Sarah Backer’s How to Make the First Cut in a Writing Contest in The Review Review

Becky Tuch’s Writing Contests: Should You Take the Plunge? in The Review Review

Publishing Roundtable: Debut Poetry Books:  Kenji Liu, Angela Peñaredondo, and Janice Lobo Sapigao in Tayo Literary Magazine

Presses with open-reading periods for full-length book manuscripts (if you’re looking to forgo the contest route, curated by Tom Holmes

Tony Tulathimutte’s Publish or Perish column for Catapult on agents, submissions, and careers.

Winning Writers: Contests and Services to Avoid

44 Publishers of Short Story Collections, curated by John Fox of thebookfox

Erika Meitner’s wonderful Post-MFA Resources for info on jobs, fellowships, etc.

First book awards (listed by Poets & Writers)

How to Submit to Literary Magazine:

Lincoln Michel’s excellent Buzzfeed: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Published in a Literary Magazine

Clifford Garstang’s literary magazine rankings

Erika Dreifus’s 13 Questions to Ask Before Submitting to a Literary Magazine in LitHub

CWROPPS blog (Creative Writing Opportunities) run by Allison Jospeh

Literistic listserv (I have only tried the free version)

Entropy Magazine: Where to Submit (every two months)

Submission Tracker:

Mackenzie Kincaid’s pro & con list for submission trackers

Matt Bell’s submission tracker spreadsheet template

Lincoln Michel’s “Is it Time for Literary Magazines to Rethink the Slush” in Electric Literature

Reviews of literary journals:

The Review Review

New Pages

Rejection Wiki